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Club news – Embassy 24 – April 2010

Diplomats for donkeys

“A single donkey can make a huge difference to the life of a child in Darfur,” explains Patricia Parker, the founder of a unique charity called Kids for Kids, which the Young Diplomats of London chose to support for their Black & White Ball.

The charity helps struggling children in the remotest villages of Darfur. Originally the charity was set up as a ‘Goat Loan Scheme’ in which six drought-resistant goats are loaned to a family for two years, providing them with milk and nourishment during the dry season. The family agrees to care for the goats and to give the first six newborn kids (baby goats) to another family (hence the name Kids for Kids).

Patricia was inspired to start the charity nine years ago, when visiting the remote, drought-stricken regions of Sudan. She came across the tiny figure of a nine-year-old in the blazing heat, walking for seven hours each day to reach water.

The charity has now expanded to help 51 villages and 200,000 people, providing them not only with goats and donkeys but also water pumps and midwives. It has also planted 460,000 trees so that children can attend classes in the shade.

The funds raised at the Black & White Ball will buy 40 donkeys for villagers in Darfur. These donkeys will help young children carry four jerry cans of water instead of one, and the time saved will help them go to school. The donkeys will also transport young women to hospital to have their babies and will help traders take their produce to market.

“These donkeys will transform the lives of the children in these villages and we are incredibly grateful to the Young Diplomats for supporting our charity,” says Patricia.

For more information on the work of Kids for Kids or to support the charity financially and in other practical ways, click on the ‘how to help’ link on www.kidsforkids.org.uk or email Patricia Parker direct on: patricia@kidsforkids.org.uk

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