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Club news – Embassy 33

Mixing sport and business in 2012

While athletes battle it out in the Olympic arenas, the world’s captains of industry will leave their boardrooms and head to London for a month of business networking during the 2012 Olympics, trade attachés were told at a recent AERL breakfast briefing at the Austrian Trade Commission.

The hub of activity will be the UKTI-run British Business Embassy at Lancaster House, where business leaders, cabinet ministers and diplomats will meet.

The UKTI will be laying on a Trade Programme which will include a series of VIP breakfast lectures with top-level British business people in a variety of sectors, from the creative industries, energy, financial services, infrastructure, engineering, life sciences and global sporting projects.

Joining the UK business community will be around 100 global CEOs from 30 countries to target investors from both traditional and innovative models, such as Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Partnered with that will be the British Business Club, set up by the London Business Network, which will help to maximise business opportunities in the run-up and during the Games.

Economic attachés were urged to encourage their businesses to register  with the British Business Club in order to plan their Games-time business activity more effectively.

The  Club has set up an ‘online partnering tool’ which can be used as a portal to set up meetings, select venues, use remote conferencing facilities or social media tools.

Economic attachés were also asked to keep the Club informed of the number of international businesses visiting London during Games time. They were also encouraged to keep the Business Club updated on planned programmes of activity.

Any business-related events will be able to be uploaded to the portal in order to signpost it to other interested commercial partners, both domestic and international.

Meanwhile London & Partners – the official promotion agency for London, merging Think London, Visit London and Study London – has set up London House at City Hall, to focus on London-based business opportunities and will feature networking events at iconic venues across London.


AERL members attend the Olympic business breakfast

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